Copyright Questions

I’m quite picky about copyright, and I always try to obey copyright laws when I make films of games, and I point out copyright infringement to others when they do it. (ALL the time. It’s like you can’t get more than 20 hits on YouTube without infringing copyright). Luckily, I can break copyright laws all I want in school, because UK copyright laws say you can use anyone’s work for educational use. (I hope this includes the teachers’ Powerpoints, or the school will have to pay a lot of fines). I think there’s also a law that you can’t be fined if you don’t make a profit from it, but I still don’t like to do it.
I’ve read up on copyright, but I’m still left with many, many questions (I think even the law’s a bit fuzzy on what’s allowed and what’s not). Here are my copyright queries I need answered:

When making a film or game is it necessary to give credit to the software you used (such as Adobe Premiere Pro)?
(edit: No. Well,  I guess there might be a clause like that in the user agreement you overlooked, but I doubt it)

If I went to a gallery took a picture of a copyrighted picture which was on display, would I own the copyright (on the photo)?
(edit: Only if the painter has been dead for 70 years or more, I think)

What about a screenshot of a picture on a website?

If I was to perform a piece of music myself and record it, would I own the copyright to the recording?

Does a composer own the recording of their music or the actual written music or the combination of notes?

What happens to a piece of work’s copyright if the author is unknown?

Is copyright infringement legal if the user doesn’t make a profit?
(edit: There’s all that vague ‘fair use’ stuff)

What can you do if people make money from your work?
(edit: Take them to court under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act)

Are short phrases like “Doctor Who” or titles like ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’ subject to copyright?
(edit: I’m pretty sure you can mention them all you like, but you can’t brand something using those names, because they’re registered trademarks)

Is it legal to upload to the internet a video containing uninvolved people in the background and is their permission required?
(edit: That’s not a copyright question, is it? I still don’t know the answer to this one)

Can I record myself playing a videogame and put it on YouTube because it was rendered on my machine?
(edit: YouTube has rules about this. Silly rules, such as – it has to have a commentary, and you can’t profit from it. Gaming partner networks get around this by giving the publishers a cut of the revenue)

If a piece of work was created in the UK but contains copyrighted elements created in the USA, is it necessary to follow the copyright laws of both countries?
(edit: To be safe, yes)

Is a licence required to distribute your work as royalty free?
(edit: I think you can just borrow a Creative Commons licensing symbol – you don’t have to register, or anything)

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