The Meaning of Game Design

I’m kind of having an argument with my Art teacher about what games design means. He thinks its designing what the characters look like and the environments and stuff, but I believe what I’ve read in books and on the net. He says I must want to be a tech-ie
I’ve got art on Wednesday so I’ll take in my book and show him the bit where it clearly says: “It is worth noting at this point just what is meant by game design. There has been a certain amount of confusion, certainly in educational establishments, and the term has sometimes been taken to mean the visual design of the game. Game design is the creation and development of gameplay…”
That’s from ‘Writing for Video Games’ by Steve Ince and is arguably my favourite book (I’ve read it nearly 3 times)


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I like writing, filmmaking, programming and gaming, and prefer creating media to consuming it. On the topic of consumption, I'm also a big fan of eating.
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One Response to The Meaning of Game Design

  1. Steve Ince says:

    Wow! You’re very kind and I’m really pleased that you enjoyed the book so much.

    The visual aspects of the game generally fall under the “graphics design” umbrella. This may not be how things are in other fields like film or television, but game development has grown up with its own vocabulary that is now entrenched and it’s hard to change. If I talk to other developers about game design they instantly know that I’m referring to gameplay and gameplay mechanics.

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