C# Tutorial Part 2.1

This is Part 2.1 of my C# tutorial, and is basically as set of tasks which you can chose to perform based around the previous lesson, to help with your understanding.
You can do whatever you want with these tasks: Go through in detail checking each one, skim read through and guess the answers, only do the ones you’re not sure of, or skip them entirely.

1) Modify the program so that you enter your name in its own line

2) Modify the program so that after it says Hi to you, it asks your favourite food and says “I like <whatever you put> too!”

3) Make a new program which beeps repeatedly (a finite number of times)

4) Change it so that it beeps after you press the enter key (a finite number of times)

1) Recap on the difference between Console.Write and Console.WriteLine
2) You can use exactly the same code, but change what it asks you to type
3) Use \a in a string
4) Use Console.ReadLine(); to make the computer wait


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I like writing, filmmaking, programming and gaming, and prefer creating media to consuming it. On the topic of consumption, I'm also a big fan of eating.
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