GCSE Graphics Revision – Safety

Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974

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Risk Assessments

  • Assessing risks involves working out what the potential hazards are and deciding what to do about them
  • Hazards are categorised as either Low Risk, Medium Risk or High Risk
  • The risk assessment identifies the risks so they can be reduced

Nobody Expects The Health and Safety Executive!

  • To combat danger in the workplace, the government created a body that was free to inspect things throughout the country
  • This was the Health and Safety Executive!
  • Amongst their weaponry are:
    The ability to inspect a business at any time
    The ability to shut it down if workers are at risk
  • They monitor working environments to make sure they’re safe
  • Employers must warn their staff of any potential risk


  • Warning signs are usually yellow and/or triangular
  • ‘Do Not’ signs are red circles  sometimes with a diagonal line through them
  • ‘You Must’ signs are circles or rectangles with a blue background or outline

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