Ideas, Evaluation and Deliberate Creativity – GCSE Business Studies Revision

Deliberate Creativity

  • How can you come up with great ideas on demand?
  • You can’t. But you can try deliberate creativity!
  • It involves using patterns of thought to come to logical conclusions and create ideas that way

Using Questions

  • It helps to ask yourself “why“. Why everything?
  • Saying it often can help you spot business opportunities or help you figure things out about a business situation
  • Failing to do this means your competitors might improve faster than you!
  • Why? Why not? What if? Why don’t we..?
  • Look locally, nationally and internationally to find out what people want
  • Look at things from other people’s point of view
  • What would make their lives easier?

Evaluating Stuff

  • You can’t just get an idea and leave it at that.
  • Next you have to:
  • Evaluate whether it’s good, sensible and workable
  • Evaluate whether it’s possible to bring it to reality

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I like writing, filmmaking, programming and gaming, and prefer creating media to consuming it. On the topic of consumption, I'm also a big fan of eating.
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