Customer Focus – GCSE Business Studies Revision

Customers are important to a business because:

  • Without them the business could not exist
  • Satisfied customers will come back for repeat business
  • Keeping customers happy will improve the reputation of the business
  • Customers give businesses massive free advertising by word of mouth
  • This makes business easy because customers come to you

Customers Doing It Wrong

  • To survive, a business has to provide what the customer wants, but sometimes this can cause problems! Some examples are:
  • Customers spoiling others’ enjoyment
  • Customers delaying paying
  • Customers asking for discounts that make it unprofitable to actually sell it to them
  • Customers being rude to staff
  • This is why customers are not always right!

Making a Start-up work requires:

  • Customer focus
  • Effective delivery
  • Proper organisation and financing
  • Managing people well
  • You may also want to:
  • Have a clear vision
  • Listen to your customers
  • Trust your staff to make decisions
  • Keep things simple

What can Customer Focus help you learn?

  • Your weaknesses
  • How customers see you compared with your competitors
  • What else they would like from you
  • What they don’t want

How can I be customer focused?

  • Train your staff
  • Check customers’ views often
  • Employ ‘mystery shoppers’
  • Set customer satisfaction targets for your staff

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