Decent Delivery – GCSE Business Studies Revision

This revision content is also featured in a video on my YouTube channel!

(I give permission for my YouTube channel to monetize this revision content)

What Will I Need?

  • It’s important to keep accurate records and deliver on the agreed date between the agreed times
  • Sufficient physical capacity (space to store things)
  • Enough staff (properly trained)
  • Money
  • Effective management
  • Strong links with customers
  • Commitment throughout all the staff

The Rewards

  • Business gets a good reputation
  • Free ‘word of mouth’ promotion
  • You can charge more because customers know you are reliable so they’ll be willing to pay it
  • Customers become loyal and you get repeat business

About Matt

I like writing, filmmaking, programming and gaming, and prefer creating media to consuming it. On the topic of consumption, I'm also a big fan of eating.
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