Motivating Staff – GCSE Business Studies Revision

What’s Motivation?

    • To be motivated is to have the commitment to do something and wanting to
    • It is important to keep your employees motivated (you don’t want them slacking!)
    • You can motivate them with monetary (cash) rewards or non-monetary (not money?!?!) rewards

Why do people have jobs?

    • For money!
    • To make new friends
    • To have job security
    • For a feeling of importanceĀ and achievement
    • To have a sense of identity
    • To satisfy their ambitions
    • To avoid being bored!

Monetary Rewards

  • Pay rise
  • Bonuses
  • Staff discounts
  • Shares in the company

Non-Monetary Rewards

  • The company car!
  • Free healthcare, etc.
  • Creche for babies and stuff

Other Ways to Increase Motivation

  • Job Enlargement: Giving staff more tasks of a similar difficulty
  • Job Enrichment: Giving them more interesting or challenging tasks
  • Job Rotation: Switch staff around between different tasks, so nothing gets dull
  • Communication: Let workers know what’s going on
  • Working Conditions: Make it a pleasant place to work in, showing you care

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