Training Staff – GCSE Business Studies Revision

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Why Train Staff?

  • There’s no limit to what you can teach them!
  • New technology could be invented, which they have to learn
  • Regulations could be changed
  • New areas could be introduced to the business


  • Once you’ve found a new worker, you have to introduce them
  • Induction is the programme that familiarises the employee with their new job
  • It encourages them to be committed to the business and makes them as efficient as possible

Types of Training

  • On-the-job training is training that is done whilst the employee is working
  • Off-the-job training happens somewhere away from the job, e.g. a training centre
  • Off-the-job is more expensive because:
  • The training has to be paid for
  • The worker isn’t producing anything whilst they’re being trained
  • The worker is still getting paid whilst they train
  • Small companies sometimes can’t afford off-the-job training
  • To help them, the government set up the TEC – training and enterprise councils

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