Branding – GCSE Business Studies Revision

What Branding Does

  • It gets loyalty from customers
    (Leads to repeat purchase, word-of-mouth promotion, etc.)
  • It gives products an identity
    (Brand awareness, etc.)
  • It makes products stand out
  • It adds value
  • You can charge more for well-branded products… like what Apple does
  • Well-branded products are usually in the higher price and higher quality area of a market map… it’s a way of telling which brands are stronger

Types of Branding

  • Family branding is when products are all branded together under the company name… like what Apple does
  • Line branding is when a company’s products are branded differently
  • Some supermarkets / other retailers have own-label brands (sold at a lower price, and make the shop more profit than other brands)


  • You need LOTS of promotion
  • Promotion to make the brand popular, and keep it popular
  • This can cost LOADS
  • If there’s a bad event, or something goes wrong, it can affect the whole brand
    (say the iPhone 5 causes you to fall over every time you use it, or something)

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