Motivation (Hierarchy) – GCSE Business Studies Revision


  • Motivation is a cross between manipulation, encouragement and blackmail
  • Motivation is the extent to which an individual gives their best
  • The desire to complete a task
  • Maslow came up with a hierarchy of needs to help businesses figure out how to motivate people
  • The idea is you start out at the bottom, and work up, gaining motivation with each level, before you finally reach the top and become totally awesome!

The Hierarchy

  • Bottom Level: Biological and Physiological Needs
  • Food, water, air, shelter, warmth, sleep
  • You can’t survive without them
  • Next Level Up: Safety Needs
  • Law, order, stability, security, steady employment, protection, health insurance
  • They’re important to survival, but not as immediate or instinctive as the previous ones
  • Middle Level: Belonging and Love Needs
  • Family, friends, love, affection, relationships, romance, colleagues, appreciation of your work, companionship… etc…
  • Penultimate Level: Esteem Needs
  • Responsibility, status, reputation, achievement, social recognition, self-esteem
  • Top Level: Self Actualisation – Fulfillment and growth

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