Environmental Issues – GCSE Business Studies Revision



  • The supply chain is the route taken by a product (and the processes involved) from the raw materials to the customer
  • This can have a large environmental impact
  • The effects can be divided into long-term effects and short-term effects

Short Term

  • Traffic congestion can be caused by delivery vans (well, they contribute)
  • This is frustrating as it increases the journey time for everyone on the road, and makes them use more fuel
  • (This adds to long-term effects, but traffic congestion itself is a short-term effect)
  • The vast majority of business activity contributes to this because customers and employees drive to the business and products are transported down the supply chain by van / lorry
  • Air / noise / water pollution is also a short-term issue
  • Businesses can contribute directly (e.g. by dumping chemicals) or indirectly (by using electricity… which pollutes the atmosphere with coal dust, for example)

Long Term

  • Climate change, obviously… (greenhouse effect, caused by carbon dioxide emissions, traps heat in the atmosphere, leading to global warming… you know how it goes)
  • Most businesses contribute to this by transporting things by van / lorry (burning petrol) and using electricity made from fossil fuels. Industrial stuff contributes a lot to global warming.
  • Resource depletion is where important  resources such, as rare metals, come close to running out, because they are used so much by businesses
  • You can kind of think of ways around these issues, for businesses that want to be more environmentally friendly
  • You could redesign products to use less rare materials, to reduce resource depletion
  • You could transport things by train to reduce traffic congestion

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