Pressure Groups and Acting Ethically – GCSE Business Studies Revision

Ethics is

  • It’s to do with what’s right and what isn’t
  • These ideas of right and wrong are often found in business situations
  • Businesses like to appear ethical, to get a good reputation
  • Some owners believe that being ethical increases costs too much, so there’s less profit in it
  • Businesses that are ethical also get customer loyalty from ethically minded customers, and this can increase their profits
  • Thus, acting ethically is better for a business than being unethical
  • Some investors will only invest in businesses that are ethical
  • This is called ethical investment

Pressure Groups

  • They’re groups of people who share a goal
  • They try to get businesses to act ethically
  • They use publicity to get their message heard
  • Techniques pressure groups use to change the behaviours of businesses:
    Running campaigns
    Contacting the press
    Writing to MPs
    Organising marches
    Etc… etc… like in GCSE Citizenship

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