The European Union – GCSE Business Studies Revision


  • At the time of writing there are 27 countries in it, and 16 use the single currency (euro)
  • I can’t be bothered to list them here, and I’m sure there won’t be a question asking you to list them in the exam, but if you think there will, feel free to use a different revision guide for a while…
  • The European Union (EU) is kind of an international government for Europe
  • It makes laws that businesses have to conform to when operating in Europe (as well as national laws)
  • These regulations add to the costs of a business, but do benefit the customers and employees

What’s the EU done for you?

  • They made some health and safety regulation
  • Imports and exports can be traded freely between members of the EU – without payment
  • They cut down on how long 13 – 16 year olds can be made to work
  • They helped make minimum wage rates for people 16 and over
  • They created a two-week paternity leave for new fathers
  • They stopped people having to week over 48 hours a week
  • Unfair dismissal laws now apply to part-time workers, to protect their employment
  • They also created the Maastricht Treaty, which encourages all member states of the EU to work within the same rules and agree to the same standards for workers

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