This used to be my blog. I’ve removed most of the posts, now, because, like many things I create, I eventually decided I was embarrassed about them. (Plenty of commas in that sentence).

You can follow me on Twitter, though, at @finalMattG (unless I change my username!)

I also make YouTube videos, sometimes. (Not as often as I used to, because nobody watches them, but that’s not something I have any right to complain about).
My channel is Matt99Byo. I don’t have time to do that any more, either.

What’s the revision stuff? It’s revision. I often rephrase my notes into a blog post as if I’m creating a revision guide. It’s quite an effective method of revising, and it can also help other people (who seem to come across certain ones quite often, presumably as a result of a Google search).


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  1. Miss Awojinrin says:

    Terrific website, Matt! I didn’t realise you were so ahead with respect to software development. I will obviously have to come up with more challenging extension activities to keep you motivated and on your toes! If you have any particular questions on software development, careers or computer science, do see if I can help. If I can’t answer directly, I do have several helpful IT contacts in telecoms, networks, web design/development, databases and real time system development.

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